Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm in Korea Now :)

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the long absence from the Blogger world. I, as the Executive Director's Assistant, had to concentrate on the film festival in June and had to leave to Korea in order to take summer courses in Korea University.

But here are some of my pictures to declare my comeback!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Sammydress] Collective Jewelry Haul - Bracelets & Necklaces


Corean Fashion Style Widen Scale Pattern Decorated Bracelet ($4.60 | here)

I missed to purchase Black Swan bracelet from Jewelmint and purchased this one.
You have to mind that the picture does not match exactly with the product you are getting (You will know that each bracelet-wide metal piece creates a wave-like shape whereas, in the picture, it looks as if the wave-like shape is individually cut up, having a multiple metal pieces for each line. It's hard to explain but I'll compare it with the photo they provide.) 

Fashion Belt Style Bracelet ($8.72 | here)

The colour is more of caramel brown instead of this milk chocolate brown shade but I personally didn't mind much. However, you can once again tell that this is different from their advertising picture because it doesn't come with a circular metal design that should be attached to the hook.

Leopard Five Piece Pattern Design Bracelet For Female ($3.13 | here)

The pictures on the website look a bit like rose gold shade warm-toned pearls and leopard patterns. However, mine seems to look fake gold with fake pure white pearls with a cloth that is not even close to leopard patterns. Also, I have a medium-sized wrist but this is just too big.

Fake Rhinestone Deocrated Multilayer Tassels Design Bracelet ($2.42 | here)

This bracelet was the bracelet that I most looked forward to wearing and it looks exactly the same as the picture. However, the metal holders that hold rhinestones from falling came discoloured. It was not just this one but all of them looked just like so. Also, I can't complain enough about these fake-looking pearls: they are just too white to be real.

Multi-Strips Retro Feel Design Necklace ($3.06 | here)

This is a chain necklace with multiple shades and multiple lengths.
I was satisfied with this one although it smells like old silverware jewelries.

Korea Fashion Bead and Rhinestone Embellished 
Multilayer Necklace ($4.65 | here)

This was one necklace that I most looked forward to wearing.
This necklace looks quite similar to the one on the website if you consider the fact that they never show you a close-up. The rhinestones look so fake and the rhinestone holders are so loose. They weren't glued onto the holders and  they came without rhinestones once I received them.

So as for the bracelets and necklaces, I just cannot resist to find the difference between the pictures and the actual items. However, if you are willing to afford some of these jewelries in affordable prices, I would definitely recommend this website.