Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Review Preview] Polo T-Shirts, Pony Running Shoes, Missha, Bobbi Brown, Swarovski, Dior, Jewlix, Accessorize, The Face Shop

As I announced, I will post my review on one of the topics here: Polo T-Shirts, Pony Running Shoes, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge, Swarovski Earrings, Dior nail polish and more, Jewlix earrings, and Accessorize necklaces and ring, or The Face Shop brush review :)

I'm thinking of having a multiple review in one post (ex. jewelry review) but let's see how it goes!


The only thing I cannot make reviews about is my Dior Nail Polish (since it is my first one) so I'll bring it to a random Nail Shop to first get my nails done but also to ask the ladies to compare it to the ones they have in their counter.
(In order for me to not make any stupid mistake and to be able to provide you with professional suggestions!)

Please wait til monday!

muah <3


[Vanity Fair] Missha, Jewlix, Accessorize, The Face Shop Hall

Hi everyone! I guess this post is really what everyone calls "haul". I went to exchange my BB cream yesterday and picked up few items from here and there.


I wasn't a huge fan of the packaging because it makes the whole thing look cheap ( was cheap...) but I really loved the earrings (kinda freaky too because it reminded me of a queen with no face :$ Whatever the case is, the pair still looks gorgeous.

And this is another pair of earrings I bought from JEWLIX and it looks like a Mickey Mouse....with no face.... am I obssessed with doll earrings with no face? ohemgee. Again, whatever the case is, I still like them.

From Accessorize:

Who said cute little stuff is available only in Asia? This necklace is unbelievably cute and cool. The only thing I don't like about this treasure chest long pendant necklace is the word "KEEPSAKE". I really wish I can get rid of KEEP so it says "sake" (mmm...sake...) or... something creative. Keepsake is not a word that people will want in their bags, right? 

This was a marvelous necklace I found from Accessorize that was on its 70% off sale (woo-hoo!). Again, Accessorize is telling me that cute little things are not always made in Asian countries. 

This ring costed less than $8 (originally $30ish). The only thing is that it is huge and the chance is that it will cover my ring from my boyfriend (it was for our one year anniversary) if I put it on my left hand, so I guess I have to wear it on my right :(

From The Face Shop:

Brush :(

And another brush,,,,, meh :( 

I got a sample but I didn't even open it yet...

From Missha:

 Sheet Masks :D

M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21 (bought it again because the shade was too dark). People don't like how it smells I guess but I think I'm in love with it! I swear their diodorant once smelled just like this and I couldn't stop using it. It has great coverage 

....and more eyeshadows! I never knew I had KH01 so I guess I'm returning that one for sure.

I'll write reviews on them really soon, so stay tuned for reviews!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Vanity Fair] Swarovski & Dior Mini-Haul :)

Hey everyone! As I posted, I decided to show you what I got from Swarovski and Dior.

Swarovski was a gift from my cousin! We gathered for a great sushi buffet lunch with my aunt, cousin, and her daughter, my cousin gave it to me as a gift.

Called Tinker Bell Dangling Earring, it looks like "Tinker Bell spreading the magic of her star dust" (according to Swarovski) made with Aurora Borealis and clear crystals. I wasn't a fan of Swarovski but I seriously love how it looks. Thank you, unni!

My aunt, on the other hand, gave me gift certificate so I went to get Dior. I 
just couldn't wait until I hit Duty-Free.

Once I found this nail polish, I fell in love with it at the first sight. Dior Vernis 607 Blue Denim is one of the Dior's Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection (limited).... and trust me, as I said in "Review Preview", this is my first nail polish. I played piano for 15 years and that meant no nail polish and no long fingernails. 
However, I fell in love with instantly and bought this. 
I think I have to get my nails done now.

I didn't bring my MAC's lip gloss on my way so THIS lip polish was the main reason why I went to Dior. I will post a review on this but I wasn't very satisfied with the range of selections though (I think there were three shades). 

And yeah... I was privileged to get free samples of Dior products.... 
I really cannot wait to try them out!

That's it for my mini-haul and I'll post reviews really soon!


[Review Preview] Let's Call It a "Vanity Fair" No.2

Well, it's rather hard to call it "vanity" but I bought more this and that.

From Missha
- Sheet Mask for myself
- Five eyeshadows
- M BB Cream No.21 (originally had No.23)

- Two random earrings :)

From Accessorize
- A Ring
- Two necklaces

From The Body Shop
- Two brushes

I think that's it... stay tuned for the review!


[Review Preview] Let's Call It a "Vanity Fair"

I met my relatives last week and got some $$ from them, so I went to a "vanity fair" trip to Shinsegae Mall. Shinsegae Mall is a luxurious mall with Dior, Chanel, Cle de Peau, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, etc. 

I really couldn't buy much because I'm not a person of vanity (really?), but yes, I did buy some items :(

First, I bought two T-shirts from Raulph Lauren for my father and my brother as surprise gifts :) 

I also bought Dior Vernis 607 Blue Denim (Limited Edition) and Dior Addict Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer 002 Smoothing Glow. I also got samples of Diorskin Nude in 020 Light Beige and Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrating Sorbet Essence :)

It was a weird experience since I NEVER bought a nail polish IN MY LIFE. I played piano for 15 years and that means my nails had to be short and light. Therefore, I never applied nail polishes to my nails. NEVER. But I came across Blue Denim and fell in love with the colour :) 

So stay tuned for the review :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[TUTORIAL] Asian Semi-Smokey Eye Make-Up

Ladies, let's face it: Men do not like smokey eye make-up (although, of course, there are few exceptions). I'm not a fan of it either. I seriously believe that some look like Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Yes, you look like this guy right here (credit)

However, my boyfriend seemed to be a fan of smokey eye make-up (whoaaaaaaa? ohhhh my gawwwwwwd) and asked me to try it. And I did... using NYX's ES62A Deep Space and REMMEL's 700 Silver Moonlight.

So here I 
am (*blush*) with my semi-smokey eye make-up.

I know this is NOT what everyone was expecting but I seriously don't want to look like Po. I wanna look rather natural but still give some depths to the eyes.
Actually, this is why I call it "semi-smokey eye make-up". 

How-To's :

1) Apply an eye primer or powder all over the eyelids prior to eye make-up
    - to control and reduce oiliness.

2) Using REMMEL's 700 Silver Moonlight, apply it on the inner corners of your 
    eyes and blend it all the way to the centre of your eyes. Also, you can use 
    this eyeshadow or any highlighter highlight your brow bone.
    - for bigger and sparkly-looking eyes.

3) Use NYX's ES62A Deep Space and apply the shadow starting from the outer 
    corners of your eyes and work your way in to the centre of your eyes. Apply 
    it from the lower outer corners of your eyes and bring it towards the centre. 
    to give dramatic depths to your eyes.

4) Use any fluffy brush to blend the border of where Moonlight and Deep Space meet. Brushing off any visible harsh line.
to make this make-up looking more natural.

5) With a gel eyeliner (MAC's Blitz and Glitz), draw THIN lines unlike what smokey eye make-up usually requires. 
- to define your eyes w.o exaggeration and keep it natural.

6) Use very minimal amount of blush / shades (or none). This make-up's objective will be to focus on your eyes, not your cheeks.
to keep the focus on the eyes.

7) Same goes for lips. Use a nude lipstick, so that the focus is on your eyes. And that is it for this tutorial! 

I really hope this tutorial helps! If you have any question or comment, please leave it below or follow me on twitter @CDistrict900212! Good luck with you all :-)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Problem with Layering...

Hey everyone! This posting is just to note that I'm perfectly aware of the layering problem I'm facing right now and I'll fix it asap! My Internet freezes every single moment I click on Design -> Width Layering. If anybody knows, please help me how to solve this problem :(

Otherwise, I apologize for the mis-layered pics !


Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey everyone! I was going to write a BB cream review but thought this one was more worth it since I'm currently travelling in Korea!

I was actually looking for such tumbler FOREVER (or...anything with such design) but I never thought that I would find such tumbler in Starbucks! I was just there for green tea latte (I know, this sounds like a typical Asian...) and found this tumbler! I'm soooooo proud of myself!

I got it wrapped as a gift for myself! (feat. my proud left hand)

A man wrapped this for me but he nailed it better than what I can do...
....and... here it comes....!

(Bottom two pictures from Starbucks website)

This tumbler is very meaningful to me since this tumbler design is from Hunminjeongeum by King Sejong, the first Korean script 
with all verbal system of Korean language for the illiterate.

Starbucks website (here) explains that this 28 character-based writing system was dubbed "Hunminjeongeum" in 1446. This book is included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register in 1997.
 Probably for cold beverages :( but I still love it! I'll bring it hither and thither!

But other than that, it is very Asianly-vintage and stylish!
Ohemgee, I have never seen a nicer tumbler before!
It contains no designs or pictures whatsoever,
but the letters themselves become the design!
How great is that :)?

This lovely thing only costs $12 (12000 WON)
so go purchase one for yourself and save the Earth!
(...and treat yourself to one free drink of any size!)
I don't know how many of you can read Korean but Cyworld (one of the most famous Korean websites) has chosen the Korean version of this post (and slightly different) as "today's recommended post" :) thank you cyworld!