Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Vanity Fair] Swarovski & Dior Mini-Haul :)

Hey everyone! As I posted, I decided to show you what I got from Swarovski and Dior.

Swarovski was a gift from my cousin! We gathered for a great sushi buffet lunch with my aunt, cousin, and her daughter, my cousin gave it to me as a gift.

Called Tinker Bell Dangling Earring, it looks like "Tinker Bell spreading the magic of her star dust" (according to Swarovski) made with Aurora Borealis and clear crystals. I wasn't a fan of Swarovski but I seriously love how it looks. Thank you, unni!

My aunt, on the other hand, gave me gift certificate so I went to get Dior. I 
just couldn't wait until I hit Duty-Free.

Once I found this nail polish, I fell in love with it at the first sight. Dior Vernis 607 Blue Denim is one of the Dior's Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection (limited).... and trust me, as I said in "Review Preview", this is my first nail polish. I played piano for 15 years and that meant no nail polish and no long fingernails. 
However, I fell in love with instantly and bought this. 
I think I have to get my nails done now.

I didn't bring my MAC's lip gloss on my way so THIS lip polish was the main reason why I went to Dior. I will post a review on this but I wasn't very satisfied with the range of selections though (I think there were three shades). 

And yeah... I was privileged to get free samples of Dior products.... 
I really cannot wait to try them out!

That's it for my mini-haul and I'll post reviews really soon!


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