Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Review Preview] Polo T-Shirts, Pony Running Shoes, Missha, Bobbi Brown, Swarovski, Dior, Jewlix, Accessorize, The Face Shop

As I announced, I will post my review on one of the topics here: Polo T-Shirts, Pony Running Shoes, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge, Swarovski Earrings, Dior nail polish and more, Jewlix earrings, and Accessorize necklaces and ring, or The Face Shop brush review :)

I'm thinking of having a multiple review in one post (ex. jewelry review) but let's see how it goes!


The only thing I cannot make reviews about is my Dior Nail Polish (since it is my first one) so I'll bring it to a random Nail Shop to first get my nails done but also to ask the ladies to compare it to the ones they have in their counter.
(In order for me to not make any stupid mistake and to be able to provide you with professional suggestions!)

Please wait til monday!

muah <3


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