Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Pet Peeve List :)

1. I hate watching wrappers half-ripped off. It needs to be either fully ripped off or fully taped. No excuses.

2. I hate people who won't say "excuse me" or "sorry" when they accidentally hit me on my shoulder.

3. I also have this pet peeve about the people who slip into the swinging doors without opening it for those who are also trying to enter.

4. I went through several serious food poisonings that caused severe stomach aches, so this would be more like a phobia but I'm afraid of eating rotten food

5. I hate exercising but I exercised for 13 days straight now :)

6. I hate people asking me whether I'm Korean or not, when they clearly know that I'm Korean......asking me twice doesn't make me something else other than what I am :P

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