Sunday, July 10, 2011

[Revlon] Kiss Me Coral: Sexy Lip Colour for Everyone


Hi everyone! I had a date with my boyfriend last month (before my trip to Korea) and realized that I forgot to put on a lipstick (shame!). I had 10-15 min. to run to a local drugstore and, Kiss Me Coral by Revlon was my choice.

What is with Coral Anyway?

Coral is still the "it" colour of the year. Celebrities still love it. Designers still make their debuts to the market with coral for their dresses and shoes. This colour works for everyone: the darker the shade of your face, the sexier it looks.

I definitely recommend Bobbi Brown's Cabo Coral and Coral Pink to check out. However, Revlon's 

Kiss Me Coral is still an inexpansive choice for a
coral lipstick.

Pros and Cons of Kiss Me Coral

- The colours of these lipsticks are b-e-a-utiful. Huge selections to make. Enough said.
- It lasts long too.
- Many say it bleeds into lines around lips (link), however, I don't have such problems although I have MANY fine lines.
- Excellent quality for its price.

- Revlon promotes that this lipstick contains an exclusive LiquiSilk formula of moisturizers and vitamins. However, I find it very matte. So this lipstick is not the best choice if you are having the same problem.

Overall ★★★★☆

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