Friday, July 1, 2011

[Miscellaneous] June Hits and Misses

Hey ladies and gens! I've been using a lot of drugstore products in order to share some thoughts about the ones that are easier for everyone to get hold of. I hope these thoughts help and please leave a comment below about what you think, in order to enhance the quality of the upcoming posts. Thank you!

MISS: Revlon's Moonlit Jewels


I bought Moonlit Jewels because I was thinking of creating a Californian sunset look and I thought I definitely needed all of those colours except for green. However, the colours were not what I was expecting; the orangish-red colour turned out to be orangish light brown and light peach turned out to be beige (due to our local drugstore's extra-bright lighting I guess...?). These palettes had no testers at all (and I can tell the reason why: the tape is sooooooooo freakin' sticky), so I'm not going to trust those palettes unless someone leaves one open. I didn't like those two colours at all :( Green and blue were better though. Overall, I think this was a miss. They are cream shadows but they don't seem to last very long. It was a horrible missssssssssssssss. 

HIT: Biotherm's Aquasource 24h Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel

I never tried using hydration gel but still had  the utmost trust for this item since I've seen many other bloggers praising the item. I DID visit Biotherm twice to test the product: the first visit was to test whether I get irritations or not & whether the product is mosturizing enough for my EXTRA dry skin. The second visit was to actually go and buy the product. Before I begin, I want to show you the pictures of the dramatic result that I got within minutes!

BEFORE (this picture came out a bit blurry...) 


Do you see how the redness disappeared and the size of the pores are less visible? Trust me, I didn't photoshop those pictures and they are within taken from the same day, 1-5 minutes apart from one another. I suffered from the tightening of the skin around my mouth and forehead area before I used this product (it feels like my skin is dehydrated and even ripped apart), but I don't have that problem anymore. As you can tell, my skin feels hydrated, smooth with less visible pores. Overall, I would say that Deep Hydration Gel works AMAZING for dry to combination skin. It still works great for extra dry skin like mine but I didn't find it lasting for 24h as advertised :'( Yet I haven't found better one and I'll definitely stick with this one for sure. This product deserves an honour roll!

HIT: NYX's ES62A Deep Space

 My boyfriend has been asking me to do a smokey eye make-up, so I purhcased this greyish-black eyeshadow to encorporate the look along with Remmel's 700 Silver Moonlight (the next product I'm going to talk about).
This eyeshadow has gorgeous sparkles. Even if you are not a huge fan of sparkles, you may still like this one because the particles of the sparkles (unintended rhyme right there xD) are not too big to scare your men away from you but they still succeed to create a nice 3-D look that creates dramatic depths to your eyes (besides, why would a product be called "Deep Space" if it fails to conture?) You would definitely LOVE this one for maximizing your sexiness xD! One problem, though, would be the fact that it does not last quite as long as I would expect. If the surface of your eyes is oily, it would be a great idea to put on some eye primer before you begin to play with the eyeshadows. It was definitely a hit for me.

HIT: REMMEL's 700 Silver Moonlight

I was one of the people who thought drugstore make-up products are not worth their prices (sorry :P). However, after three-month-long trip from hither to fro, I finally found a product that has huge shimmer particles IN THE LOCAL DRUGSTORE! Hehehe :) 

The silver-coloured eyeshadow is Silver Moonlight and the black eyeshadow is Deep Space.

The sparkles would satisfy your need if you are a person who is comfortable with large sparkles (compare the size of the sparkles with Deep Space) and this eyeshadow lasts quite long. When you blend it out, it gives an highlighter effect, so you can put it in the corner of your eyes as well. I wasn't a huge fan of sparkles (and huge sparkles of course) but Silver Moonlight has taken my heart. ABSOLUTE HIT!

HIT: MAC's Blitz & Glitz 


This was my second time purchasing Blitz&Glitz. It is really fixed to your eyes once it is dry. As I said, my eyes are pretty oily but the corner of each waterline is the worst enemy; otherwise, B&G is PERFECT. I tried Bobbi Brown's and MAC's gel eyeliner and I think I would stick with this one for sure.

Please check out the link below for more details about Blitz&Glitz:

It's already 4:38AM right now and I'm planning on a month and a half long trip to Korea (South, of course) so I rushed through the post but I hope this helps! Good luck everyone!


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