Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 I was running out of MAC as well as Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners few days ago and, after minutes of contemplation and running back and forth from one store to another, I purchased MAC's Blitz & Glitz. I am a huge fan of MAC when it comes to eye make-up. MAC has a huge selection of different colours and shades and you would not find a single colour or shade of an eye shadow that will disappoint you! Talking of eye make-ups, MAC eyeliners are even better. Too bad there's not that many of the shades but Blacktrack and Blitz & Glitz can work for most of the people (unless you want some colour to play with!)

Say hello to this little babe called Blitz and Glitz! Blacktrack is "solid flat black" whereas Blitz & Glitz is "intense black with gold pearl". At first, I didn't like the description that MAC has provided. If you are with me, black doesn't match with gold pearl. Also, it is not intense black, but rather, it is greyish black. Yet, I visited MAC to test some products and Blitz & Glitz is quite amazing.
Just like most of the other gel eyeliners, Blitz and Glitz create more defined look to your eyes and the pearl is just an additional fling to your eyes. It is smooth in texture and lasts for very long time.


Now, I said "very long" because my eyelids are quite oily and it really doesn't last all day. I'm usually left with 75-80% of the eyeliner. However, it definitely lasts all day long for my friends.

In terms of the shades, I usually favour natural look and Blacktrack was too intensely black for me. If you want charcoal black, then you should definitely go for Blacktrack. Otherwise, I would advise you to go for Blitz and Glitz.


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