Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Favourites] May 2013

I apologize for the late May 2013 Favourites :'( I moved back to Korea (permanently for now), so I could not upload this favourites until now. More will be uploaded soon, so please stay tuned!


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles in 20 Light Pale

This is a small thin concealer that has a sponge tip that pumps the product out as it gets twisted up. This was a concealer that has been abandoned for a long time, but it has become my absolute favourite. It can not only hides dark circles, but it is also capable of hiding pores completely. I mean completely. I was never in "absolute love" with a concealer before, but this product was worth mentioning first. I absolutely love this concealer.


Lancome Color Design Stylista (Matte)

Stylista looks extremely similar to Lancome Rouge in Love 230M Rose Rendezvous which is slightly muted rose-pink. On the tubes, they look exactly the same. However, the difference shows up on the swatches: Rose Rendezvous has a glossy to satin finish whereas Stylista has a matte finish; yet, it manages to work well even on unprepared (not moisturized) lips.

After applying Stylista on the lips, take a Q-tip to fade out the edge of the lips. This additional and bothersome step gives a blurred-out and unfocused effect.

Maybelline Baby Lips #15 Cherry Me

This product can be used to prepare your lips but it can also be used on its own. It gives a rosy tinted glow that gives a slight glossy finish. Despite my chapped lips, this product succeeded in smoothing my lips within seconds. It requires a reapplication every three or four hours, depending on the amount of hours you talk and the food you may consume.

Nail Polish

Essie 752 Turquoise & Caicos (C$9.99--Sale) 

This product is a turquoise-emerald green nail polish with glossy finish. My only complaint (that goes with all the Essie nail polishes) would be that it is very sheer. Especially for this product, the first coat looked like I had a stain on my nail polish. Three to four coats were enough to achieve that full opaque colour--however, the good thing is that it was, despite the number of coats applied, very thinly coated. It lasted for 8-9 days without a single chipped nail. This is my most favourite drugstore nail polish of Summer 2013.


Monday, June 3, 2013

[Haul] May 2013


Lancome Teint Miracle BUFF 2W (C$45.00)

Lancome Teint Miracle is a lightweight foundation that gives a healthy and luminous glow. This is my second purchase of this product. It gives a medium coverage but it is buildable to full coverage--and the process of building up does not make this foundation look neither cakey nor heavy: it maintains its lightweight dewy look. This foundation is able to cover up redness, but requires extra concealing when it comes to dark spots and acne scars.

After three to four hours, the T-zone (oily skin) began to get oily. However, the entire face (combination skin) begins to look slightly oily after six hours.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H 100 BUFF (N)Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H 230 BUFF (W) (C$50.00)

This was my first time trying out the 24h version of Teint Idole (I tried to 14h version). Despite the fact that this judgement depends solely on my first impression, it is a full-coverage and matte finish foundation that feels much heavier than Teint Idole Ultra (feels like I was wearing a lot while it was only my foundation). It was capable of covering reddness and dark spots. It also succeeded in covering up acne scars. It was moisturizing, but not as much as Teint Miracle.

This product will be reviewed this week, so please stay tuned!

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation 910 Classic Ivory

This is a matte long-wear foundation that claims to have "lasting power of primer, coverage of a concealer, and blendability of a foundation in one." It is true that it has the lasting power of primer; it didn't get shiny for 6-8 hours on my T-zone, depending on the weather condition. It also contains the coverage of a concealer. However, it does not have the blendability. It had to be blended quickly; otherwise, it settled right onto the face.


Clé de Peau Beauté Boîtier (C$28.00) & Ombre Couleurs Quadri #209 (C$58.00)

This product will not be mentioned thoroughly here, so there will be an in-depth review about this product within a few days.

Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast Water Resistant in Black

There is only one thing (and if not, two things) I look for a mascara: the ability to curl and to be fully waterproofed. This product failed in giving me the ability to curl, which I care about the most, so it was a definite no-no for me. It also flattened my lashes too. However, it really did not clump and was capable of separating each lash.


MAC Mineralize Blush Warm Soul

This is a warm reddish coral blush with shimmer. It looks great on light to medium skin tones. It will look nice on darker skin tones, but it may appear too light. Despite its shimmer, this product would be a great choice for those who hate shimmery products: the shimmer looks pretty fine that it appears to have a hint of luminous glow. The blush is also very finely milled, feeling soft and appearing natural.

Overall, I haven't expected much from this product, but it was a great blush.


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 015 Tutti Frutti (C$7.99--Sale)

Revlon's Lip Butter collection has been must-haves for the beauty community last year. I was in love with 001 Pink Truffle in Spring & Summer 2012 (review can be viewed here). Although it is very muted shade for Spring & Summer season, it set a great impression that convinced me to gravitate towards other shades.

This product glides on and is applied as evenly 001 Pink Truffle. It is definitely moisturizing, but it is not as creamy as Pink Truffle.

The best description of this lip butter is that this product feels as if it is melting onto the lips: it is very hydrating and well-pigmented. It lasts three to four hours and requires a reapplication, but it also leaves a slight hint of tint.


Essie 988 We're In It Together (C$9.99--Sale)

This is a warm-toned baby pink nail polish with almost invisible purple micro-shimmer. There is a review on this product here, so please don't forget to check it out before you decide to purchase this product!

Essie 752 Turquoise & Caicos (C$9.99--Sale)

This product is a turquoise-emerald green nail polish with glossy finish. It lasted slightly over 8-9 days before minor chipping started. This is my most favourite drugstore nail polish of Summer 2013. There will be a slightly more in depth review on my favourites for May 2013, so please stay tuned for it!

Essie Luxeffects 958 Set in Stones (C$9.99--Sale)

This product is a simple silver glitter nail polish. One coat did not give enough glitters, but two coats were enough. However, this was not so remarkable from the regular glitter nail polishes. It lasted more than three weeks and chipping was very unnoticeable.

Quo by Orly 59337 The Blue Box

Quo is a Canadian brand that is slightly more expansive than the most drugstore brands. The products are actually high in quality too. 59337 The Blue Box is an emerald green shade. It is extremely similar to Revlon 580 Eclectic, Sally Hensen's 540 Jaded, Ceramic Glaze 110 Blueberry Bubblegum. Although it appeared to be muted mint green, it came out slightly bluer. It applied very thin without being streaky. I totally enjoyed using Quo by Orly product.

This product was not streaky at all, but I was not in fond of this shade. Although it looked like a light mint green shade (it looks exactly like the photo), it turned out to be a dark turquoise green with a glossy finish. It is also quite pricy. Nonetheless, it lasted for over a week before minor chipping began.

Revlon 040 Enamor 

This is a deeper pink nail polish. I haven't tried this product yet.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear 4860-33 Pacific Blue

This is a deep Azure blue nail polish. This shade seemed more pastel, but it was applied much darker than the shade the bottle showed. It chipped after three days and all nails were chipped after five days. I didn't like this nail polish overall.


Vaseline Hydrant Spray & Go Moisturizer Dry Skin & Aloe Fresh (C$9.99)

This moisturizer is really different from the rest of the moisturizers that can be found in the market. For example, it has a mechanic pump that extracts the product out of the tin-canned bottle. The product feels quite fantastic; it absorbs quickly, feeling soft and gentle on the skin. It leaves the sense of hydration for 3-4 hours before you do not feel it anymore. Although I do not use them on my skin, they did not break me out once it accidentally attacked my face.

So that is it for my May 2013 haul. I hope you enjoyed and please do not forget to subscribe to my blog. Thank you!