Sunday, July 17, 2011

[NYX] ES62A Deep Space

Whenever I buy an eyeshadow, I think of how well this eyeshadow can match with the other eyeshadows I have at home. This would not be different for most of you. However, I bought NYX ES62A Deep Space with no hesitation after trying it out.

NYX ES62A Deep Space is a greyish black eyeshadow. Now, I know there are many of you who are aware of the fact that shimmery eyeshadows may 
emphasize wrinkles or just afraid of trying out shimmery eyeshadows. However, this eyeshadow does not contain too much sparkles and succeeds to create a nice 3-D look that creates dramatic depths to your eyes.

I would say that this is not too highly-pigmented but I'll call it "somewhat pigmented" so that it is easy to build up on the shade (Good job, thumbs up, NYX!). That being said, if you are looking for high-pigmented eyeshadows, you might want to check out ES01 Black because this product is just pure BLACK.

(left) brushed once   (middle) brushed three times  

I want to suggest that this eyeshadow can create a great party and clubbing look but also a modest business look as well. Therefore, this one is definitely worth consideration to your wish-list.


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