Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Vanity Fair] Missha, Jewlix, Accessorize, The Face Shop Hall

Hi everyone! I guess this post is really what everyone calls "haul". I went to exchange my BB cream yesterday and picked up few items from here and there.


I wasn't a huge fan of the packaging because it makes the whole thing look cheap ( was cheap...) but I really loved the earrings (kinda freaky too because it reminded me of a queen with no face :$ Whatever the case is, the pair still looks gorgeous.

And this is another pair of earrings I bought from JEWLIX and it looks like a Mickey Mouse....with no face.... am I obssessed with doll earrings with no face? ohemgee. Again, whatever the case is, I still like them.

From Accessorize:

Who said cute little stuff is available only in Asia? This necklace is unbelievably cute and cool. The only thing I don't like about this treasure chest long pendant necklace is the word "KEEPSAKE". I really wish I can get rid of KEEP so it says "sake" (mmm...sake...) or... something creative. Keepsake is not a word that people will want in their bags, right? 

This was a marvelous necklace I found from Accessorize that was on its 70% off sale (woo-hoo!). Again, Accessorize is telling me that cute little things are not always made in Asian countries. 

This ring costed less than $8 (originally $30ish). The only thing is that it is huge and the chance is that it will cover my ring from my boyfriend (it was for our one year anniversary) if I put it on my left hand, so I guess I have to wear it on my right :(

From The Face Shop:

Brush :(

And another brush,,,,, meh :( 

I got a sample but I didn't even open it yet...

From Missha:

 Sheet Masks :D

M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21 (bought it again because the shade was too dark). People don't like how it smells I guess but I think I'm in love with it! I swear their diodorant once smelled just like this and I couldn't stop using it. It has great coverage 

....and more eyeshadows! I never knew I had KH01 so I guess I'm returning that one for sure.

I'll write reviews on them really soon, so stay tuned for reviews!


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