Monday, August 1, 2011

[Review] Jewelries: Swarovski, JEWLIX and Accessorize

Whenever I think of Audrey Hepburn, I picture her as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Having an up-do hair with a beautiful tiara, she matches a black dress with her signature pearl necklace. 

I know Breakfast at Tiffany's was a great film, but nevertheless, the film could not exist without these beautiful jewelries. Although not everyone can afford a Tiffany, Hapburn demonstrates woman's desire for jewelries.

And it still continues. we can never have enough.

'Kay, let's forget about this fancy intro and see the jewelries I bought in Korea.
(Disclaimer: these are what I bought in a day + a gift so this will not be a huuuuge review as you may want it to be.)

Accessorize (Necklace):

Two cute necklaces came into my sight when I entered Accessorize. This "Keepsake Bag Necklace" (don't really know what it's really called) is cute. I really cannot find a better word than this (what an English Specialist, eh?) It looks perfectly adorable! I think you can code this with a plan V-neck T-shirt (preferably black or white) and skinny jean :).

Accessorize (Necklace II):

I don't know what this necklace is called but this vintage telephone necklace is sooooo adorable! I'm thinking of giving this to my friend as a souvenir :)

Accessorize (Ring):


Here's my rinnnnnng :) I first thought it was waaaaaaaaaay too big for me but it looks really classy when you try it on. Although the pink gemstone-lookin' plastic in the centre looks quite cheap, pearls in the petal-shaped (or sunlight-shaped I guess?) metal makes this ring look cute and classy.  

This was the ring itself also has its unique design (really hard to describe what it looks like). I reaaaaaaally love it! I think I would've bought the ring even if it didn't have the gemstone-looking plastic and pearls.  

Swarovski (Tinker Bell Dangling Earring):

Here comes Swarovski :) I own necklaces from Swarovski but this was my first pair of earrings from them. This was a gift from my cousin and they are called Tinker Bell Dangling Earring. 

( It says 'Disney' at the back )

Aren't they adorable? They look like "Tinker Bell spreading the magic of her star dust" (according to Swarovski), made with Aurora Borealis and clear crystals. They look quite attractive as they demonstrate the contrast between their white colour and my black hair but I think they will work for the lighter hair colours too since the Aurora Borealis and crystal really attract surrounding lights and capture people's attention. 

JEWLIX (Earring):

JEWLIX is not a famous jewelry shop but it is just one of the brands this store I visited has owned... but who cares? Earrings look perefctly amazing nevertheless. The centre, as you see, has pearl with a mini tiara on top. In case you haven't seen my explanation about JEWLIX from "Review Preview",  the pair looks like a faceless princess with tiara :$ don't you agree? 

I usually wear dangling earrings but I think these suit for any occasions from formal parties to casual coffee dates. I think the pair is worth more than $29. I loved the price and I loved the quality.

JEWLIX (Earring):

This pair of earrings is shaped as Mickey Mouse....again, faceless. Like I said in my Review Preview, I think I'm addicted to these weirdly faceless earrings (I'm seriously kidding, don't take it seriously!) Back to our topic, I love these earrings because of their simplicity. You can match them with any non-formal occasion :)   

And... my done ! I was going to create a video out of the these jewelries but my battery died.... fail... I'll try to do a video review for my next post :)

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