Monday, August 8, 2011

[Miscellaneous] Korean celebrities :)

I attended "Play With Us" concert and IU was there on last Friday.

We weren't allowed to take pictures, so no IU pictures. Sorry.

On Saturday, I attended Music Core (Eumak Joongsim) Infinite, 2NE1, Rainbow, Miss A, and Super Junior.

I wasn't sure but I think Super Junior came out with their latest album and sang two songs, including "Mr. Simple". I was really uncomfortable to be surrounded by a bunch of crazily screaming fans but it was a great experience!

I became a fan of Super Junior because they were the last ones to perform and, although the first half was filmed ahead of time, they still performed throughout the whole song for the fans. Also, the leader guy (don't know his name... i'm trying to catch up though) bowed to the fans until he disappeared to the backstage. He kept waving and bowing and I felt sorry for sneering at SJ fans before ;'( I love Super Junior now! 

* I wasn't allowed to take pictures for neither of the two concerts :'(
Music Core was more of the harsh one where body guards took the girls out of the concert hall and took their cameras from them. I was very surprised. And I was once again surprised to see so many non-Koreans cheering :D


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