Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Haul/Review Preview] Can We Ever Say "Enough" to Dior ?

Well, I'll do my haul either today or tomorrow but here's some sneak peek of what I bought today :)


( I didn't get more Ralph Lauren :( It was just that my dad didn't like navy + it was too tight for him so I went to get the sizes and colour changed... my gift for hard-working daddy and hard-working bro ! )

I only bought three items including a perfume and this lady @ Dior was generous enough to give me a pouch + extreme amount of samples! Seriously, if you are thinking of buying cosmetics, come to Korea because they always give a LOT of samples. If you ask, they'll give you one or two more :) (you have to buy certain amount of items in order to ask though) 

More jewelry coming up sooooooooooooon :)

And LANEIGE lotion :) 

I'll post my haul first and then review, so that I can try out some of the Dior/LANEIGE products  in order to give you my personal opinion!


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