Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Review Preview] Eight Missha Eyeshadows Review!

Hi everyone! I bought few of MISSHA's eyeshadows few weeks ago and decided to write a review on one of them, since I found it absolutely stunning for summer.

So to begin with, this eyeshadow is what I'm going to talk about! It reminded me of "Glamoflage 03" from Sephora's eyeshadow collection although it costed 2940WON ($2.50), more than six times less than Sephora's (and I thought Sephora's eyeshadows are cheap :P).  

And the colours are goooooooorgeous. One is a metallic gold/bronzer shimmer and the other is moss green shimmer. While I'm obsessed with both shades, both satisfy me with high-pigmentation.

This duo-eyeshadow, however, lacks consistency. This eyeshadow without eye primer lasts for 4-5 hours but requires touch-up. Also, the glitters fall everywhere.... nooooooooooooooooo  :'(

Other than that, it works amazingly.

Excited? For the other seven reviews, I'll post the review tomorrow :)


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