Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Haul] Missha, Accessorize, The Face Shop, L'Occitane etc.

I know I've posted quite often (1-2 posts per day) since I created this blog but I'm getting busier and busier everyday since I'm going back to Canada. So, please forgive me for delaying my BB cream post. I really wanna give a proper feedback about the ones that I have. I'm also writing about my Dior Addict To Life and July Hits and Misses so please stay tuned!

But until then, here's my haul :)


This is a hairband from Accessorize with white pearls and synthetic diamonds. I think I'm reeeeeeally into hairbands nowadays and I don't think there's specific style to it. Some are classy, some are cute, some are formal. For this hairhand, I think it fits to more of the "cute" side.  

Random Things (Don't know where they are from)

This is a hairband for my 8-year-old cousin... very simple but cute. I just knew that this was for my cousin as soon as it came to my sight.

These are for my mom and I :) I wanted to buy something that we can both use and my choice was hairband.

Random make-up pouch timmmmmmmmmmmme :)
If you have seen my previous haul, you would know that I LOVE Eiffel Tower.
This pouch was less than $10 and OHEMGEE it was totally worth it.

This pair of earrings remind me of my ring from previous haul...

This one!

Yes, my earrings and ring are from the same boutique.
I think I'll match them both for a formal event.
This pair has authentic diamonds (again).

My another obsession after hairband is pearl. 
I always thought pearl is for older ladies but I somehow began to love pearls.
I guess this is the sign of getting oooooooooooooooooooooold... ohemgee :o

Yes, I guess I have to agree with the fact that I'm into pearls. I'm thinking of coding this one with loooooooong pearl necklace.


I've always one of these dyed skirts for summer but I've never got to purchase one until know. 

This would be the actual colour of the skirt

The Face Shop

Ladies, you HAVE to purchase this deodorant spray if you get to visit Korea.
This one is an absolute MUST-HAVE item..........if you like baby powder scent.
I'm totally into this deodorant; I first purchased this one three years ago and came back to purchase it again. It lasts all day and smells LOVELY :')

Samples :) again, come to Korea if you want A LOT OF SAMPLES!


Missha has been having their 1+1 sale so I purchased a base-coat and a top-coat, so that I can force myself to do my nails (I've never tried and I'm reaaally lazy). I also purchased a back-up for my duo eyeshadow. (If you want my review and swatches about Missha eyeshadows, please follow this link: What you see on the very right is a bag of eye-patch (to moisturize your eye area) with a sample of sunblock and BB cream. The random bottle is for nail polish remover. You open the cap and press down the bottle to get cotton wet with nail polish. 


This was a gift from someone that I knew since I was a little baby :)

This is what's in the packaging...

It contains a 75ml body lotion, lip balm, hand cream and foot cream.
I was going to purchase a body lotion as well as hand cream at duty-free
but she somehow knew that I needed them :)

 I'll post a review on each item!

And this will be the end of my haul. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any question, please leave a comment below or on Twitter @CDistrict900212.


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