Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Haul] More Jewelry & Clothing Haul

I'm currently writing about my Missha eyeshadows (will be posted on Monday) and my July Hits and Misses (will be posted on either Tuesday or Wednesday) but until then, here's my mini-haul post :)

I purchased this pair because it reminded me of J.ESTINA earrings. Comparing to the ones that costs at least $90 for a pair of earrings, I think this is an inexpensive and offordable choice (I think it was about $1.50). 

$90 vs. $1.50? Ladies, I would buy $1.50 earrings and buy something else with $88.50, perhaps 60 more earrings.


Don't you just LOVE this ring? I don't think this picture really shows but it's a teddy bear with a bow tie :) 

cute. cute. cute. 

A pair of classic silver hoops... you can never get bored of this... :)


This is a black see-through T-shirt with white, silver, gold, and black pearls. I think this T-shirt, for some reason, is huge in Korea since it is EVERYWHERE (Department stores, inexpensive clothing stores, etc.). 

Here's a close-up of the pocket with colour pearls :) I think this pocket can hardly keep anything but the detail is simple but amazing (besides, who keeps anything on their pockets?). 


I really love T-shirts with very simple or no detail at all, in order to code it with  necklaces. Same goes for this one. I guess the beads try to imitate shape of a pocket...? Whatever it is, I still love this T-shirt :)

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