Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Haul] Ralph Lauren, Dior, Random Jewelry, and LANEIGE

Hey everyone! As I promised, I'm posting my haul for Ralph Lauren, Dior, LANEIGE and random jewelry I purchased today.

As for the reviews, I'll try out Dior & LANEIGE products to provide you with accurate advice and thoughts. Until then, enjoy my today's haul :)

Ralph Lauren 
( The Big Pony Collection )

I exchanged two Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts for my dad and my brother, Philip.
Last week, I bought one in Navy and one in Burgundy but changed Navy to Burgundy because my dad favoured my brother's Burgundy better..... (too bad I couldn't show you the Navy one :( ) I think he loves it !

This was the Burgundy one :) I believe this is one of The Big Pony Collection but wasn't sure because I couldn't find this one on their American website. 


If you were keeping in track of my previous posts, I never wore nail polishes. However, Dior moved my heart with their Blue Tie Collection (limited) and Dior moved my heart once again with another nail polish.

This is Dior Vernis 545 Psychedelic Orange. I thought it was coral-coloured nail polish but it turned out to have more cool pink shade to it. I still love it anyway. As you can tell, I wore it on the left and right bottom corner and I think it looks beaaaaaautiful. I just hoped that this was a coral-coloured nail polish though...

This one is Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm. I was lucky enough to get one of the last two that was left in the Department Store :) It is a lip glow reviver balm but pay attention to the word "colour". I tried it out and it not only moisturizes your lips but it also works as tint. 

I really have to confess : I love Dior perfumes.
The last time I went to Dior, this lady kindly asked me to test Dior Addict to Life on my arm and I sniffed my arm non-stop (I know, I looked like an idiot). Yet, whatever the case is, this perfume was the reason why I visited Dior.  

This perfume is just amazing. According to Fragrantica, 
this was the June 2011's new edition of the original Dior Addict perfume. 
Very floral, the composition begins with pomegranate, raspberry and peach. The heart tones of rose, jasmine, and lily are followed by the base of cedar and white musk (source). 

It is my absolute favourite and I'm wearing it right now although I'm home alone. Tee hee!

And are you excited to see the gifts I received?

OHEMGEE. If you can find any Dior stores that give this amount of samples, PLEASE let me know which one it is, because I haven't seen any. The very bottom thing in plastic bag is a small pouch that came along with the samples.

I didn't find this pouch stunning but I find it usable :( I thought it was very small and narrow but it could keep all the samples I received from Dior. 

These are the samples I received.... Don't you just LOVE the miniature of Miss Dior Cherie? I just fell in love with it.

As I said, I'll try each sample one by one so please keep in touch :)

Jewelry from God-Knows-Where

This was one marvelous ring. The design, although it looks crazily complicated, is very simple. It has diamond-shaped plastic (I think) in the middle metal chained surrounding the plastic. However, it looks very delicate and beautiful. 

I SWEAR I've seen such design before! I HAVE SEEN THIS PAIR OF EARRINGS BEFORE! ....but whatever the case is, this is gorgeous. The tear-shaped stone really sets up the mood while surrounding synthetic diamonds accentuate elegance. I would wear this for formal parties. This was absolutely gorgeous and couldn't pass by. 

I already had an Eiffel Tower necklace from France but I HAD to purchase this one because it had a mini-Eiffel Tower! ...besides, I don't mind another Eiffel Tower necklace. I think I'll never get bored of collecting Eiffel Tower necklaces. 

I thought this was freaky because of the film "The Fourth Kind" but I still bought it anyway because I couldn't pass by THIS BABY.....unless.. it gives me nightmares... 

Random Clothes...

I bought these from random places I don't even remember of....
I complained about how the top part of the dress on the right is see-through and the gentleman there said "you can work it!" in English. I thanked him back in English but I have no idea how.   


Again, I'll show you the reason why you have to buy cosmetics in Korea. I only bought $25 lotion and I received that many samples. 

The lady there just grabbed a handful amount of samples and just dumped it in the paper bag.......... I think those samples will equal my $25 lotion hehe :D

That's it for my today's haul :) 
I hope you enjoyed it and please leave comments below or follow me on twitter @CDistrict900212! Thanks for reading! 


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