Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Revlon] Colorburst Lip Butter in 001 Pink Truffle

Price: C$9.99+tax
Type: N/A

This product can be purchased at your local drugstores. 


The packaging of this product looks quite cheap; the squared plastic cap contributes mostly (or entirely) to this inexpensive impression. However, the lip butter without the cap actually looks quite nice. With REVLON-engraved black plastic bottom, the metal container actually looks very high-end.

It is a balm-textured lipstick with muted pink/mauve shade that has a slight tint of brown. While this sounds quite overwhelming for some, this is one of the colours that can work for everyone for every occasion. It is, indeed, a very sophisticated and elegant colour that can never look overdone. 

If you are looking for a medium to fully opaque coverage, thick texture and glossy finish, Pink Truffle is one of the rare ones that has such qualities from Revlon's lip butters.  

Other than the colour, the texture is another thing to praise about. It glides across the lips and leaves them more moisturized than any high-end and drugstore lipsticks ever tried. 

The only downfall to this lip butter (other than its packaging) would be its short wear time. It needs a reapplication every 2-3 hours. 

It has a very minor vanilla scent that is almost unnoticeable.

Would I Recommend This Product? 
YES. I already own two of this shade: one at home and another for my make-up bag just in case. As you may know, I have feathering problem and hardening on my right side of the bottom lips since I peel the feathering ever so often. However, I am fairly satisfied with this lipstick and I definitely look forward to seeing more range of coral shades!



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