Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Haul] Sephora Mini-Birthday Haul

It was birthday last week which happened to be my picture day. Therefore, I booked an appointment to get my makeup done by a Sephora makeup artist. I ended up purchasing three products that I much favour. I also received a birthday gift from Benefit which really brightened up my day.

Sephora - "Astonish"

This pair of eyelashes really makes you look like you have naturally longer lashes. This is my first pair of false lashes but it really didn't feel heavy or bothersome (and less pricier than the well-known brand lashes). 

Kat Von D - Everlasting Face Shaper Blush "Bellisima"  

The picture turned out to be light muted coral shade but it is, in real life, bright cool-toned coral pink that I would've probably stayed away from if the makeup artist haven't recommended it. It applies to be quite vibrant on my hand (and it makes the skin look darker); however, it applies featherlight, smooth, and blushed-cheek look that really makes you look like you ran for a few minutes. I'm using it everyday and really loving it so far.

Hourglass - Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in "Ivory"

I've heard a lot of positive comments about the Hourglass brand, so it was one of the brands that I really wanted to give it a try. Yet, I had a terrible experience with several light-coverage tinted moisturizers, so this was another product that I wouldn't have tried if I was not recommended.  One thing I highly emphasized during this makeup session was to really hide all imperfections on my face, and therefore, I was highly surprised when she brought a tinted moisturizer. But it felt smooth and photographed really nicely on the "untouched" graduation photos. I would probably have to return this product but it is one shade darker than my complexion, nonetheless, I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Although I see it fading after 8 hours of wear, this tinted moisturizer is probably my most satisfied purchase from Sephora.

benefit - "They're Real" Mascara & "Watts Up" Highlighter (Birthday Gift)

I have a strong preference for mascaras that can curl my straight lashes, and therefore, I have not tried "They're Real" mascara yet. However, I'm really enjoying "Watts Up" Highlighter. If you have a lot of imperfections on your skin, do not directly apply the concealer onto the surface of the skin; I would rather put it on my finger and gently pat it wherever I need. 

I'm planning on purchasing some more products (probably from MAC and YSL), so stay tuned :)


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