Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Haul] Drugstore Make-Up & & Starbucks Haul

I purchased some drugstore make-up products
including two shades of pigments from NYX, Oro Pearl and Rust Pearl. 
Oro Pearl is a bronzy-gold shade and Rust Pearl is a Red Fuchsia shade.

Drugstore Make-Up Products

NYX 721 Soft Fuschia (yes, Fuschia, not Fuchsia)
This lip pencil was surprisingly soft and hydrating,
definitely comparable to high-end make-up lip pencil products.
The downfall of soft and hydrating lip pencil/liner is always its lack in constancy.
Yet, I still loved the wide range of choice in shades and the product itself.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Rust and Oro
Jangsara had photos of these swatched


NYC Blushable Creme Stick in #649U Berry New Yorker.
This one is also very hydrating and creates a naturally dewy finish.

L'Oreal New Magic Smooth Makeup Studio Secrets #516 Nude Beige

I wasn't going to make this purchase but I tested it out and it felt something like foamy mousse. It literally "melted" on my skin. I'll have to use it more in order to deliver an appropriate experience with it but I seem to be in huge favour of it already.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Bronzer in Light Bronze.

I recently purchased MAC pigments from
They arrived in a yellow envelope just as did but without bubble wraps in side. Instead, the containers were safely wrapped in thin white styrofoam. 

Here are the nine pigments I purchased. 
They were all nicely labelled at the back.

Dark Soul                                   Blue Brown

Violet                                        Full Force Violet

Forest Green (the photo came out really dark so I included how it looks on the daylight)

Brash & Bold                                 Old Gold

Antique Green

And I guess I'm missing chocolate brown. I'll upload the picture soon!

And while I was writing this post,
another USPS First-Class International package came to me...

These were more thickly wrapped with Styrofoam.

3mL of mixing medium had some funny metal ball
that would help to mix up the mixing medium.

These were 2g of TBN pigments

Blue Brown
 Green Brown

These were MAC pigments & Fluidline

More MAC's pigments...

Blackened Blue

Blackened Blue
 Teal Brown                               Emerald Dusk

Azul Marrom

 Aqua Brown
 Blackened Emerald

Silver Storm
 Emerald Dusk


I am a huge fan of Starbucks tumblers.
I did my review on Starbucks Tumbler that I purchased in Korea but I couldn't pass on this one. It was a real eye-catcher.

This one was probably the largest size of the tumbler they had
(and it only costed $14.95+tax).

If I had to complain, I was disappointed about was the fact 
that there was some dust sitting on top of the lid :(
And you have to buy the ones on display, not a new tumbler.

Also, the inside was plastic so I could not carry hot beverages around.

I'm trying to show you how tall this tumbler was. Can you tell?

I'm satisfied with this tumbler because now I can carry larger amount of beverages.
(And I'm showing off my Canadian Fiction novels because...I bought them too...?)

Anyways, that's end of my haul. I still have lots of pigments to come (I ordered more a week after purchasing those) so please check out or follow me  for more pictures and make-up tutorials with these pigments!


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