Monday, October 31, 2011

[Tutorial] Haunted Little Red Riding Hood Make-Up Tutorial

Hey everyone! I hope you all are preparing well for Halloween.
I had a Halloween party last Friday and this was my last minute make-up but I had great compliments from my guy friends so I decided to share this tutorial.

Let's Begin!

Here I am, either barefaced or with very minimal make-up (i.e., base & eye primer).
(yes, I'm assuming this is the one without make-up 
because I'm covering my face with my 

I applied MAC's Woodwinked on the inner corner and Forest Green Pigment on the outer corner. I blended Forest Green with a dry brush without mixing medium and it turned out to be a beautiful daily look (and this is what I wore to work). However, we're not aiming for a daily look, are we?

Now, this is what you're willing to get.
A metallic forest green.

Now, I wet my brush with mixing medium and 
topped the daily look with more of the Forest Green to accentuate the eyes.
Now, this is completely optional but I made that sharp edges on the outer corners and intentionally didn't blend them for sharp and defined look 
(if you are not a follower of mine, I do that all the time xD).
If you want, you can do so.

Next, I wanted to look haunted since it was Halloween party (but not to the point where I look trashed), so I took Reflects Blackened Red glitter and mix it with Missha's Magic Eyechange to apply them on the lower lash line.

(And, again, this is optional but I mixed Woodwinked with Colour Infallible in #015 Flashback Silver on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten the inner corners of my eyes)

I used MAC's Glitz n Blitz and Maybelline NY Volum' Express the Falsies to finish off.

And that's it for the eyes :D

Products Used:

I wanted the overall look to appear very natural since eyes are so accentuated,
so that the focus is on the eyes, not here and there. I still added minimal amount of bronzer on my cheeks and jaw area (very very minimal so that it shapes the face). 

I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you want more make-up tutorials,
please follow my blog and/or my twitter @CDistrict900212 :)
Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


This is my look and sorry for the blurriness but
this is the only picture I could get without others in the photos.
I'll come up with more pictures. Stay tuned!


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