Monday, May 14, 2012

[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

Size: 150mL 
Price: 11,000WON (C$11.00)
Type: For All Skin Types

This product can be purchased online (look for a website that sells Asian cosmetic products).

Green tea water moisture, 4-free (artificial dyes, ethanol, animal material, mineral oil), Jeju green tea, mandarin, white lotus flower, camellia leaf, crinum & 50 multi-energy complex, 30 times upgrade of green tea's effective ingredient (the credit for the list of ingredients belongs to this website)

This mist comes in a white opaque metal bottle with pastel green designs. The cap needs to be opened to spray.

Innisfree promotes this mist to be a "Jeju organic green tea [mosturizer with no ethanol that] instantly replenishes moisture to your [dry] skin". As they claim, it nails to "replenish moisture". It definitely hydrates and comes in two sizes, 50mL and 150mL, which can be a good option if one wants to bring it around. 

However, there are a few downfalls. First, the liquid particles do not get sprayed evenly. When sprayed about 3 times, however, it succeeds to fully spray onto the entire surface of your skin. It also irritates (my) eyes (I tried it a couple of times just to make sure but once the moisture runs down to my eyes, it irritates my eyes quite terribly).

It has a sweet minty scent.

Would I Recommend This Product? 
I'm not a huge fan of this mist as much as Koreans on the web do. However, I definitely recommend it since it is very moisturizing if it doesn't irritate his/her eyes. I don't spray it straight to my eyes but the mist particles seem to run down to my eyes and burn the heck out of them.


(Sprayed once)
(Sprayed three times)

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