Friday, June 1, 2012

[Sammydress] Collective Jewelry Haul - Rings & Earrings

Hi lovelies!

I decided to do a collective haul for my purchase at This is a website that sells Asian jewelries, accessories, clothes, and products in an affordable price. They now seem to expand a little more as they now have prom dresses and holiday-themed products. I am satisfied in terms of their price and design; however, they seem to unmatch with their displayed pictures. Whatever the issue may be, here's my collective jewelry haul. My bracelet and miscellaneous jewelry haul will come up soon.


Korean Fashion Romantic and Grace DIY Finger Ring ($1.07 | here)
I bought this ring in order to stack it with other rings.
I love this ring except for the fact that it has little bump that is quite visible with bare eyes.

Korean Style Cute Leaf Design Rings For Female ($1.05 | here)

This is once again a different product from their picture. My ring appears to be made with a shiny and light-reflecting material; however, the picture they have on their website seems to be less shiny and in perfect leaf-shape.

Laconic and Elegant Two Pieces of Leaves Design Rings For Female 
($1.13 | here)

Again, this one does not look as shiny and thin as their picture's ring appears to be.

Angle Wing Pattern Decorated Finger Ring ($1.18 | here)

This ring was the only one of which looked close to what they show on their website.

Retro Wing Design Women's Earrings($1.59 | here)

I think I confused this product with other products but again, it doesn't look as gold as it does on the picture.

Korean Fashion Style Exquisite Butterfly Shape Olivet Earrings ($1.04 | here)

By the time I opened this pair of earrings, I was totally hopeless how nothing looked as they did on the website. The products sent to others are all imitations of those photos. Same goes for this earring: the end of the wings are sharp-looking whereas the earrings that I got have more rounded-looking. The pearls don't look as pearly as they do. The gems on the butterflies don't as neat as they do on the picture. UGH! I can't complain enough.

That's it for my rings and earrings haul. I hope you enjoyed my pros and cons!


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