Sunday, September 18, 2011

[L'Oreal] Color Infalliable Eyeshadow in 009 Permanent Kaki

As a treat for myself for sacrificing my weekend to GRE prep course, I tested out and purchased L'Oreal's Color Infalliable in 009 Permanant Kaki. But...

Are you serious? I really wanted to get rid of this khaki sticker on the lid. It makes the eyeshadow look 100 times cheaper than tis price while it is $5 cheaper than a MAC eyeshadow! L'Oreal, I seriously advise you to take it off! Engrave it like the L'Oreal mark on the side of the lid. Print it directly on the lid. Seriously, do something about it!

Now, the back of the eyeshadow is rather cute, even better than the ones at MAC's.

This is the look of Color Infalliable eyeshadow. This has very warm khaki tone but works for both warm tone and cool tone.

Don't you have think this is a dupe of Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant? I'll show the comparison between the two, but in the mean time, let's discuss the pro's and con's.

-  009 Permanant Kaki is  a really wearable shade at an inexpansive cost .
The whole collection of Color Infalliable does. I didn't buy the other shades because they weren't working for me and there were only five shades available from Shopper's Drug Store (at least from where I went). However, there are a huge range of shades unlike other drugstore selections on the website.

- They are velvety and smooth.
It's not like Illusion D'Ombre's moist and creamy but rather soft and velvety. It's still feels like Illusion D'Ombre though. The shade has amazing metallic sheen to it that is not overexaggerated.

- The eyeshadow doesn't last long and doesn't stand friction too well
Because the eyeshadow is made out of pressed powder, it doesn't last as long as Illusion D'Ombre. Well, I guess the price differentiation really matters after all.

- The pot ( that's worth $12 + tax ) is too small and design looks cheap
This eyeshadow is $5 cheaper than MAC eyeshadows but it's the pot is too shallow and contains very little product.

But other than that, I'm pretty fond of the shade and the eyeshadow overall :D


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