Friday, February 10, 2012

[Post Preview] Birthday + End-of-Midterm Haul

Hi everyone!

My birthday is just two days before my midterms, so I decided to list some of the counters that I will visit (I have specific item/items that I want to purchase)... far... I think this is going to be madness!....but I'll purchase them anyway because I definitely deserve them all, for losing a birthday party and struggling with textbooks and essays. So here is my list of brands that I'll hit for sure:

High-End Products
- Kiehl 
- Nars
- Clarins
- Lancome
- Laura Mercier
- Chanel
- Philosophy
- Giorgio Armani 

Drugstore Products
- Olay
- Maybelline
- Revlon
- L'Oreal

Please have your fingers crossed for me to reduce some of the items because I'm thinking of purchasing more than one product from each counter.....!


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