Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[China Glaze] Holiday-Themed Nail Polishes & Recommended Holiday Look

I made small purchases from a website in search for my holiday nail polishes.

They came in a small box like so.

I was surprised to see how nicely secured the bubble wraps were. 

I also received a candy cane :D

These are the nail polishes that I'm going to review about...

This is a transparent milk chocolate shade nail polish that requires more than one coat.
 I was expecting quite much about this nail polish so I wasn't totally satisfied with it.
Second coat looks much opaque.

I wasn't planning on making this purchase because it alone looked....... out of space...?
Well, I guess that's why this is called "Nova" (cheesy joke!) but what I meant was that 
it wasn't working alone. It needed something. 

To give you a short description of this nail polish, 
it is translucent nail polish with large glitter particles. 
If you are planning on wearing this alone, two or even three coats will be necessary.
Make sure to add a top coat because it feels a bit rough :( 

Tinsel Town 
This is the main reason why I ended up making these purchases :D
It is a light black nail polish with small and medium-sized glitters.
What really looks wonderful is that, after applying two coats of Tinsel Town, 
your nails will look like miniatures of starry winter night sky!

(Two coats are enough but three can't go wrong!)

"C-C-Courage" (What a cute name!)
This is the only nail polish that I haven't tried.
It's a dark violet nail polish with silverish violet glitter.

Suggestion for Holiday Look

Have Two coats of Tinsel Town

And add a coat of of Nova on top

and... i didn't know i made a mistake until i reviewed these pictures...

And that's what I got : 
Two coats of Tinsel Town and one coat of Nova
(Doesn't this look nice? Two coats of Tinsel Town look sparkly enough 
with small and medium-sized glitter particles but another coat of Nova 
gives that extra dimension with its large glitter.) 

I bought Nova just because it came as one of the look-alike's or recommendations 
but uhhhh....... I guess some people reviewed about this already.....?
(As I finished writing about this recommendation, I searched on the internet and..damn..)
Opps.. so I guess goes to the ones who didn't know this technique....?
But this really suits the holiday theme so sorry if this was a review for you :(

I hope this can give you some idea of what to wear for christmas!
I'll come back with more reviews and tutorials so stay tuned!


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