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[Hits & Misses] November/December Hits & Misses

hey everyone! I now posted my November/December Hits & Misses video on Youtube. I'm trying to become video-friendly but I just don't want to be on a video yet so I apologize. I will be on my video in a near future....but until then, here's the video :)
(Sorry for the blurriness. I'm filming with my digital camera and I have to stop the video and zoom in / out so it was a lot of hassle for me to do that for each product (but I guess I have no choice...).

For more detailed pictures and explanations, please check below. If that's not what you're looking for, thank you so much and I'll see you soon in the upcoming post or video!

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Lemon & Chamomile

Container: Since this product is created for men, it appears to be very "un-female-product-like" but you will thoroughly enjoy the product nevertheless. In terms of the size, it only contains 6ml of lip balm with definitely leads people to think how pricey it can be ($7.50 + tax in Canada) but I would say that this was totally worth it.

Product: This product is in a gel texture (ticker constancy compared to lip gloss) which does its job of moisturizing and hydrating. I had it on for 8 hours or so since I applied it just before I go to bed and I still could feel the product on my lips. My boyfriend, however, didn't like this product since he was expecting rapid absorption and instant smoothness (instead of moisturization). If we are still talking about moisturzation, it has great consistency for sure. I think it is a great replacement for Vasline (not price-wise though). One thing that I haven't mentioned in the video was that, since it is in gel form, I thought many would confuse this product with lip glosses. However, it doesn't give a glossy finish like lip gloss. Rather, it gives that semi-matte-looking texture just like other lip balms.

Scent: strong lemon candy scent which I consider to be perfectly fine but I found it to be too strong when I felt sick.

Would I Recommend This Product? Definitely. I bought five more of these to give it to my brother, boyfriend, and friends as a mini-Christmas gift.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

Product: While Dior asserts that this product is "a customized balm that lastingly enhances and embellishes the natural colour of the lips", the pay-off of this balm is quite unnatural: it gives cool-toned pink colour that you may not be expecting from the product. It also gives that glossy effect but it doesn't seem to last all day (although the colour stays). However, I agree that it gives fresh and radiant appearance to your lips. It also doesn't become sticky. Although I complained about this product quite much, I actually enjoy using this product.  

Scent: There's that scent that I cannot quite explain but it has a very unnoticeable but pleasant scent to it.

Would I Recommend This Product? Yes but it falls on the pricier side.

Biotherm Aquasource 24h Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel

Container: Replenishing Gel comes in a warm emerald-green round-ended rectangular jar with a white opaque rounded lid. It has another lid that you can simply lift up to protect it from dust that may sit on top. 

Product: It has an emerald green gel with fresh scent that smells quite pleasant. I feel that instant enhancement as I roll and pat it on my skin. It feels moisturized as the skin absorbs the product, leaving the surface smooth. It doesn't leave the surface sticky, giving that perfect condition to move on to base and/or foundation. However, I DO think that it is overpriced indeed. I think I paid around $40 CAD and it was too much for such small jar that only lasts for 6 months or so (if used daily).

Scent: It is not too strong but it smells quite fresh and pleasant. 

Would I Recommend This Product? Yes.

Biotherm Source Therapie Skin Perfection 7 Catalyzing Serum

Container: transparent navy blue glass container with a mini-pump on top. I purchased two for $150 from Duty Free.

Product: It has a gel to cream texture which applies really smooth. I always get blemishes but this product never gave me any trouble. Instead, with its "7 ionized minerals", I feel the instant "velvet-smooth"ness that Biotherm has promised. Moreover, it minimizes the sizes and the visibility of the pores. I don't get break-outs but I definitely avoid applying this product around my nose and forehead since those are the oily area.

Scent: It has Source Therapie 7's signature scent which I totally am in love with but I advise you to test it out first before you actually purchase the product because it may be a bit too overpowering for some.

Would I Recommend This Product? I definitely would but this falls onto the pricier side and may be oily for some.

MAC Dazzlesphere! Smokey Blue Crushed Metal Pigments 

I made a detailed video for these pigments so please follow the link below for more information:
Would I Recommend This Product? NO.

Missha M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream

Container: The BB Cream conviniently has a pump attached to the tube so that you don't have to struggle to get the BB Cream out. It also has a lid of which helps to keep the product sanitary.

Product: This product has anti-aging, whitening, sunblock effect which sounds more attractive than foundation. In terms of coverage, it feels light and gives little to medium coverage which I'm definitely a fan of. However, I want at least my blemishes to be covered and it lacks in such ability (although the product promises to do so!) but still covers some redness of the face. Since most of the BB Creams aim to achieve dewy finish (and yes, it gives very nice glow to your face), it only lasts about 4-4.5 hours until it requires another touch-up in terms of consistency. I would advise to apply concealer if you want perfect coverage of blemishes and/or redness. Also, there's not a wide range of selection in terms of shades so that's another downfall.

Scent: It has a baby powder scent :D

Would I Recommend This Product? Yes. I forgot to ask my mom to purchase one in Korea so I'm getting mine shipped from Korea. I know I mentioned quite a bit of downfall to this product but I prefer BB Cream over foundation because it has the ability to continuously give a dewy finish without becoming powdery. I mean, I'm still in search for the perfect BB Cream (or the perfect foundation) so please give me a recommendation if you got the perfect "it" item.

And I know I had the original NAKED palette in the beginning of the video but didn't include it to review since I haven't played with it enough. To give you an idea, I'm not enjoying it as much as other Youtubers or Bloggers praised butlet's see how it goes and I'll include that for my January Hits and Misses.

If anyone came from the Youtubeland where I said I'll post this Hits & Misses post a week ago, I sincerely apologize. I'm in Las Vegas and really didn't have enough time even to visit my own blog for three days.

This is all I got to say and... Merry Christmas!


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