Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Tutorial] Navy & Brown Make-Up Tutorial


I came up with a navy blue-brown make-up of which looks quite formal but still effortlessly stylish. As much as I had difficulty choosing shades,  I hope you have fun trying out this look :D

After priming both eyelids, put Woodwinked on the inner corners and blend it outwards. Having your eye socket as guideline, apply it just below the double eyelid line.

Apply MAC's Chocolate Brown pigment (mixed with mixing medium) on the outer corner. I made wings of which stretch outwards but it's totally up to you. Gently blend where Woodwinked and Chocolate Brown meet. (I actually blended it out so that the navy shade becomes the centre of the focus but you can keep it that way if you want.)

Apply a black eyeshadow just above the crease (or in my case, just above my double eyelid line). I made sure that the shadow is not too visible because I wanted to keep it natural but you can use a pigmented eyeshadow for a more intensified look.

Then, blend it just above the crease and in towards the inner corner. Make sure that these lines aren't too defined. These will be only the guidelines for the navy blue eyeshadow.

Then, a blue eyeshadow will be placed just above the outer crease and blended inward (towards the inner corner) where black eyeshadow was applied. Again, blend upwards. You're now left with the choice of blending the borders betwen navy blue and brown eyeshadow. I blended out the borders (edges?) to look more natural. 

...And I think that's it! This is very attractive, eye-intensified look, of which doesn't look overdone.  

(I decided to show you how it looks like when leaving the border between Woodwinked + Chocolate Brown and the blue eyeshadow more visible. This is how it looks like :D)

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