Monday, November 14, 2011

[Weight Loss] DAY 1: Meals & Exercises

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Breakfast (9:00)
   - four cherry tomatoes
   - half a bowl of spinach (didn't finish it)
   - one-third of a green apple
   - three spoons of soft tofu with a spoon of soy sauce diluted with water*

   - four fruit jelly 

I kept breakfast veggie-friendly and still consumed some protein by having tofu. Tofu will keep you full until the next meal. I really don't like its flavour, so I added a spoon of soy sauce diluted with water to give it some taste. Let's keep the sodium to very minimum.

Also, treat yourself if you kept up with your own dietary program, so that you can remain abstinent from consuming too much sweets at once.

Lunch (1:00)
   - 3 spoons of roasted and ground grains
   - 250mL of skim milk 
   - water 

I hate grains but roasted and ground grain is in powder form of which tastes quite sweet. It's called "me-soot-garu" in Korean and you can find it in any Korean store. You can drink it like any protein shake, preferably with milk. Then, start diluting it with water little by little once you get used to its taste. If you don't like the taste of water, keep your milk skimmed. It's very healthy and important part of the dietary program.

Dinner (5:00)
   - two chicken breasts
   - five cherry tomatoes 
   - one boiled egg
   - balsamic sauce
   - two bowls of lettuce
   - water
   - two cups of coffee

I'm pulling an all-nighter so I had to keep another portion of food (I still have one chicken breast and a bowl of lettuce still with me) in case I get hungry and eat chinese food. I'll try (and you should too, if you are following what I'm doing) to minimize the last meal of the day but I have to pull an all-nighter and I had no choice.

Because I have to pull an all-nighter, I didn't exercise today but I'll do so tomorrow :)
Wish me luck and I'll come back with the next lists of meals tomorrow!
(someone gave me a nice piece of advice saying that I should, for the first week, minimize the amount of food I'm eating and the calories I'm consuming FIRST so that my body gets a chance to get used to the changes (and start exercising the week after). I definitely agree and I'm considering it but I got my friend involved into this dietary program so I have no choice but to start exercising from tomorrow and onward.

* Drinking water is one of the most important things to do! Please drink as much as possible. 4-6 bottles of water would be the best.



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  2. @hilda dada I think it would be better to think that water is like weight control products in healthier version since the more you drink the faster you will lose weight (plus, you feel more full after drinking water). i hope this helps!


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