Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Tutorial] Taupe-Brown-Gold-Emerald Make-Up Tutorial....?

hey everyone, i want to mention that this makeup tutorial is inspired by MAC eyeshadow called 'club'.
it looks like emerald-forest green under the light but it looks deep chocolate brown when in the shade.

i don't know how to name this look but it's quite mysterious yet effortlessly beautiful.
So if you want to achieve this look, then keep reading!

1. Start by adding UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

2. Apply NYX 615 Slate all over your eyelid as a base colour.

3. Then take MAC Old Gold and apply it to the inner corner & the centre of your eyelid.
(Make sure to use it with a mixing medium because it really brightens up the colour of Old Gold)


 4. Add MAC Woodwinked on the lower corner lashline but blend it out on the middle. 
(or whatever that will give that nice gold shimmer) 

so this is the final look!

it looks emerald green and brown...

but in the light, it looks gold brown...!

or silvery brown... and yes, these shades come from the same make-up.
i swear.

so i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and want more make-up tutorials, 
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