Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Weight Loss] Day 3 Meals & Exercises

Previous Posts on Weight Loss:

   - biobest smoothie (strawberry flavoured)
   - a piece of white bread 
   - a red apple

   - a piece of white bread
   - five cherry tomatoes
   - six strawberries
   - a small cup of yogurt
   - half a bowl of spinach
   - a cup of tazo orange blossom tea

   - two sirloin slices
   - half a bowl of spinach
   - seven blackberries

   - basic stretches
   - 3 sets of 30 arm-reaching crunch (
   - 3 sets of... 30 leg-lowering crunch........? Stretch out on the ground with your legs bent and pointed to the ceiling. Slowly move your legs down until the feet feel like they would be reaching the ground. come to the starting position. Repeat this process.
   - 3 sets of 60-second step acrobotics    - 3 sets of 15 triceps exercises extensions  (
   - 30 minutes of running

I hope this was helpful and sorry for the late post :(
the next posts will follow with pictures so stay tuned!


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